What to Look for When Hiring a Painter

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Deciding to add a fresh coat of paint to your home or business is exciting, but you shouldn’t hire just anyone for the job. Follow this guide to learn what to look for when hiring a painter so that you have the best chance of receiving the high-quality results you’re anticipating.

What Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Painter

It’s important to carefully consider who to hire for your paint project. So, when it comes to what to look for when hiring a painter, here are five questions to ask yourself beforehand.

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1. Do You Have Insurance?

Professional painting companies should have worker’s compensation insurance and general liability insurance. Worker’s compensation protects a company’s employees if they get hurt while on the job. It also rids you of any liability if they’re injured on your property. General liability insurance protects you and your property if it becomes damaged by a contractor or their team. Consider asking for a copy of the insurance certificates so you can review them and ensure they’re up to date.

2. Who Will Be Working on My Project?

Whether you have a residential painting or commercial paint project, you have every right to know who will work on your property. Don’t feel obligated to trust someone right off the bat just because they’re a professional. Also, remember to ask if the company performs background checks before hiring employees so that you have peace of mind knowing your home or business will be safe.

3. Can I Have a List of References?

A contractor may have years of experience, but checking their references and portfolio is essential. This step highlights the quality of their work and helps you decide if they’re a good fit for your project. You can use a reference list to ask previous clients about their experiences with the services they were provided, how well the job has held up over time, the quality of customer service they received, etc. If a contractor refuses to give you a list of references, that’s likely a red flag.

4. What Kind of Materials Do You Use?

Quality materials deliver quality painting. For example, there’s a vast difference in the quality of a $10 gallon of pain versus a $50 gallon. The quality of the other painting materials makes a difference too. While you don’t have to become an expert on painting supplies, you may want to ask the professional painters you’re considering what materials they use and why.

5. When Will the Project Begin and End?

Having a timeline for any project, especially one involving your home or business, is crucial. A lot goes into a paint job besides the actual painting. Planning, prep work, and clean up are all a part of it. If you have a tight timeline for your project, be sure to let your painter know so that you can discuss it together. Experienced painters should have a reasonable estimate of how long a task will take from start to finish.

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Burgess Perry is the Founder and CEO of PAINT CORPS™ Franchise Group. After serving in the U.S. Army for nearly 10 years, Burgess began a new chapter by opening a painting company in the Tampa, Florida area. He hit the ground running and after five years of unprecedented success, he decided it was time to give back to his fellow military veterans. That's when he founded PAINT CORPS™, a veteran-only franchise founded on military values like service, respect, integrity, and duty.

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