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Picture this: you’ve hired professional painters to come and paint your home. The colors are picked out, and you know the date and time they’re coming. Now, you may be wondering what’s next. Read more to learn what to do before painters come!

How to Prepare for Professional Painters

If there’s anything the crew will need when they arrive, it’s room to paint and clear walls ready to be painted. Below are a few simple things to help expedite the painting process so you can enjoy your freshly painted space sooner.

1. Cover and Move Furniture

Let’s face it, furniture is all over our homes, and it can be a pain to move, but it’s a necessity for interior home painting. Some of your furniture will be easier to move than others. Coffee tables, end tables, and other small pieces of furniture may be easily movable, but you may need help with larger pieces like beds and large tables. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is to move all of the furniture to the center of the room, making sure to leave enough space for the house painters to maneuver the room without bumping into anything.

Room prepped for painters to come

Depending on which rooms you’re having painted, you may also have to move appliances. Fridges and wall-mounted televisions may not be able to be moved. In this case, you can simply cover these appliances with a drop cloth to protect them from any damage or potential paint splatters. The painting company may even bring their own drop cloths to use on the job site, so ensure you check with them in advance!

2. Clear the Walls

Now that you’ve moved furniture and cleared space for the painters, your next step will be to remove anything you have hanging on the walls. Carefully remove any picture frames, knick-knacks, and other wall hangings, and place them in a safe place to store until the paint job is complete and they’re ready to be hung back up. You’ll also want to remove the light switch and outlet covers to ensure the wall is fully open.

3. Clean up the Project Area

As a final step of pre-paint job prep work, it’s a good idea to ensure the space you’re having painted is clean and ready for a fresh coat of paint. Walls can be pretty dirty, gathering lots of dust and cobwebs that are not always visible to the human eye. You’ll need a long-handled mop or broom, a bucket, and a cloth to dry any excess moisture to clean your walls. Warm water will clean the wall just fine, but if there are any tough stains, you may need a paint-safe cleaner.

While all these steps may not be necessary, you can expedite the process and length of the paint job by ensuring the work area is fully prepped and ready for the crew to get started right away.

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Burgess Perry is the Founder and CEO of PAINT CORPS™ Franchise Group. After serving in the U.S. Army for nearly 10 years, Burgess began a new chapter by opening a painting company in the Tampa, Florida area. He hit the ground running and after five years of unprecedented success, he decided it was time to give back to his fellow military veterans. That's when he founded PAINT CORPS™, a veteran-only franchise founded on military values like service, respect, integrity, and duty.

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