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Unmet Demand – Meet PAINT CORPS™

The demand for professional home painting is at an all-time high, with no sign of abatement.

As a member of the Veteran Service Brands portfolio of Veteran-Only Franchise Systems, PAINT CORPS™ is on a mission to help our fellow Veterans run a world-class painting operation.

Exteriors…Interiors…Cabinet Finishing…Residential…Commercial…There’s an almost limitless supply of work that needs to be done.

You can tackle this demand in two ways:
1. Go at it alone
2. Join a Franchise

The one advantage to going it alone is that your start-up costs will be lower. The one big disadvantage to going it alone is…you’re going it alone. Joining a Franchise fast tracks you to success with proven systems, branding, and support. Find the right Franchise Brand for you and Plug and Play.

PAINT CORPS™ is taking on the big name brands – and winning. Not only do we have systems in place that match or beat the big brands, but we also have one important ingredient they don’t have and never will – you (today’s Veteran). Each and every PAINT CORPS™ Franchise is Veteran-Owned and Operated. We are Veterans, too. We know how important it is to work as a tight-knit team; having each others’ backs. Frankly, you can’t find this sort of deep, selfless commitment in other brands.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join PAINT CORPS™:

  • Killer Branding
  • Proven Systems
  • Dedicated Web Pages
  • Dynamic Quoting System
  • Expert Online Ad Management
  • Expert Search Engine Optimization
  • PAINT CORPS™ Trademarks and Logos

And, one more thing that’s immeasurable – instant camaraderie.

Our affiliate company, G-FORCE™ Parking Lot Striping, was the first brand to pursue Franchise ownership exclusively for Veterans. They’ve proven that building a brand around the ideal franchise partner (Veterans) really works.

Using G-FORCE™ as the model, PAINT CORPS™, along with MACH ONE™ Epoxy Floors and FIELD OPS™ Athletic Field Markings, is on a mission to build a painting brand unlike any other.

The only missing piece is you.

The Ideal PAINT CORPS™ Candidate

This business is specifically engineered for those who want to be in business, but can’t afford the hefty price tags of most business and franchise opportunities.

Perhaps you’re retired from the military and looking for your next new venture; not interested in a business that’s all-consuming, but one that you can grow at your own pace and still enjoy your time off.

Maybe you’re a school teacher or firefighter looking to augment your salary. Perhaps you own a pressure washing company and want to find a way to get your foot in the door to paint during the off-season.

This may be the best side gig ever – making homes and businesses in your community look like a million bucks!

Let’s find out if PAINT CORPS™ might be right for you…and if you’re a good fit for us. Please fill out the Request for Franchise Information Form below to learn more about PAINT CORPS™ and our other Veteran Service Brands – G-FORCE™, MACH ONE™ and FIELD OPS™.

Join the Veteran Service Brands Family

PAINT CORPS™ is a proud member of Veteran Service Brands, a portfolio of service-based, Veteran-only franchise networks. We have four brands, and one mission: to put U.S. Military Veterans into successful businesses.

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