G.I. Jobs Interview With Jason & Jeannette Scranton, Marine Veterans & G-Force Franchise Owners

Jason and Jeannette Scranton, co-owners of G-FORCE™ Cleveland, were featured in G.I. Jobs in September 2021. Check out their interview below or visit G.I. Jobs to view the full issue.

MARINE CORPS VETERANS JASON AND JEANNETTE SCRANTON are a husband and wife duo who own a G-Force franchise in Cleveland, Ohio. The Scrantons both served more than 20 years each on active duty. After spending two decades working in signals intelligence and cybersecurity, they were looking for something different in retirement. G-Force franchise offered that and more.

G-Force is a parking lot striping franchise offering franchises exclusively to veterans. G-Force operates franchises in 17 states, with multiple franchises in each state.

“It wasn’t our lifelong dream to own a parking lot striping business,” Jeannette confesses. “But we knew that we wanted to own our own business, be our own boss. We just didn’t know how to own a business. The military teaches us many things about organization and planning that make us good at owning a business. But things like applying for a business license, insurance are things you just can’t do on your own and aren’t just something you can do. You need help. The idea of joining a franchise to help us with those things—including advertising and customer help—was enticing.”

The Scrantons said the military gave them the tools that make them ideal for franchising—skill sets like organization, planning, and project management. They believe spending their adult life in the military has given them nearly every tool to own a business.

“We reviewed a few franchises, but this was a good fit for us. It wasn’t too physically demanding, I’m not 25 years old anymore,” Jason said. “The benefit of G-Force was the support they offered. With 27 different owners, we have a lot of support. If I run into a problem or a large job, they are there to help.”

“I think people get scared of the unknown,” Jason said when asked what advice he’d give other transitioning veterans. “Look for resources out there. YouTube is a great resource. You don’t know how to do something, look it up. Keep chipping away. But the best part of franchise ownership is it offers support and assistance. It’s almost like a family.”

To learn more about G-FORCE™ Cleveland, visit their website.

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